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Hooked Codfish Originals
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Codpiece: On The Beach
(Privately Owned)

Codpiece: Summer (Sold)

Codpiece: Autumn (Sold)

Codpiece: Iceberg (Sold)

Greysscale Cod

Pitcher Plant

Jellyfish 3 (Sold)

Jellyfish 2

Stained-glass Cod

Glory to Cod (Sold)

And a codfish in a bare tree

Rainbow Cod

Jellyfish (Sold)

Oh My Cod (Sold)

Lupin Rug
(Privately Owned)

Come On In

Indian Corn(Not for Sale)
(adapted from a painting
by Jim Harris)

Sea Urchins(Sold)
Framed Pieces

Jellyfish #5

Jellyfish #4

Jellyfish #3

Jellyfish #2

Jellyfish #1
Chair Mats

Brigus House
with Forget-me-nots
(Privately Owned)

Channel House
with Pitcher Plants
(Privately Owned)

Deer Lake House
with Lupins
(Privately Owned)

Hillgrade House
with Irises
(Privately Owned)

Rope - Tea Mat

Please Pay Here
(Privately Owned)

Guest Book Sign
(Privately Owned)

Contact Hooked Codfish Originals are also available
May through October at Sunshine Gallery, Twillingate, NL
Care & Feeding of Hooked Codfish Originals

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