Care and Feeding of Hooked Pieces

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- Store only in a mid-temperature dry area.
- Do not fold your hooked piece. Roll it loosely, hooked side out.
- Place the rolled piece in a loosely fastened cotton pillowcase. Do not use plastic or synthetic fabric.


- Vacuum gently, using a hand vacuum or upholstery attachment.
- Do not immerse in water. The backing may not dry quickly enough and cause the piece to rot.
- Blot surface stains immediately with a dry cloth.
- Do not use household detergents. Your rug may contain hand-dyed wool which would not stand up to harsh chemicals. Woolite or an equivalent is your best bet.
- Spot clean using only suds (not water and suds) on a very soft brush, cloth or sponge.
- Most cleaners do not know what to do with hooked pieces. Best handle any problem yourself.
- In the old days, people put their rugs outdoors in the snow, hooked side down. The snow was quickly whisked off together with any dirt the snow gathered. Do not allow the rug to get wet. Best done on a cold dry day.
- You may want to just turn it upside down and let embedded dirt fall out.
<- It may be aired out by draping over an outside railing.

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